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New Gwadar International Airport in full swing. (Video)

by Idrees Kothari
New Gwadar International airport

The new greenfield international airport of Gwadar (NGIA) is now fully up and running under the supervision of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, with completion scheduled for early 2023.

Photos of cargo being transported to the worksite have been released to show the progressive works carried at the site and that people will soon be able to realize their dreams.

The increase in the budget of NGIA has also fueled the sparks of hope in the hearts of waiters. The development of NGIA will overshadow the inabilities of the current airport of Gwadar and will prove itself to be a cutting-edge project housing world-class airport facilities.

The supervising and executing company of the project, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), has hired China Communications Construction Company (CCC) for building and designing the cornerstone of CPEC through a contract of $246 Millions. The NGIA has a designated area of 4300 acres, making it the largest in Pakistan and the second-largest in South Asia.

The importance of NGIA

NGIA will become the gateway for tourists visiting the site of Gwadar. Moreover, it will boost domestic and international trade in many parts of Asia as the airport will provide convenient access to the CPEC – the signature trade route of Asia. The NGIA’s location, Gurundani, gives it access to the Makran coastal highway enabling labor-saving transportation of tourists and goods. The major benefit of the development of NGIA is that it will stimulate further development in the Gwadar peninsula. 

Symbolic features and infrastructure of NGIA

NGIA will become Pakistan’s second airport capable of accommodating A380 aircraft. It will be large enough to accommodate both narrow-body aircraft (ATR 72 and Boeing B-737) and wide-body aircraft (Airbus A-380 and Boeing B-747) on domestic and international routes. 

Anticipating huge traffic, NGIA will be housing two runways: the second one being northwards of the main one. Being the portal for domestic and international goods and shipments, its cargo terminal is designed to hold 30,000 tons of goods on annual basis. The terminal will be equipped with modern amenities that will upgrade passenger comfort and coziness while also ensuring safe and smooth operations. The terminal’s completion is expected in March 2023.

To support the airport’s day-to-day operations, the airport infrastructure will also include an air traffic control tower, rescue facilities, a fuel farm, and other associated buildings. The ATC tower is scheduled to be operational until June 2023.

The airport’s main runway will be 3,658 meters long and 75 meters wide. A 23-meter-long airstrip with 10.5-meter-wide concreted shoulders on both sides will be added to the runway.

NGIA development timeline

The NGIA project was initially launched in 2014 by the CPEC programme as a headstart for future developments in the Gwadar peninsula. The plan was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council in January 2015. 

A grant agreement between Pakistan and China was signed in 2017 that would give financial support to the project of NGIA. Soil testing and drilling at the worksite began in 2018.

The year 2019 was marked as the year of the project’s groundbreaking, which authoritatively kicked off full-scale construction. As per authorities, the initial completion deadline was set for November 2022, but it has been delayed due to the covid-19 outbreak. The new operationalization deadline is March 2023, with completion expected in September 2023.

Final thoughts

The new completion dates reflect the rapid progress made in the development process. However, what really captivates people’s interest in the project is the interrupted flow of funds from the project’s investing country, China, and the fact that other development projects would progress at a breakneck pace if the NGIA is operational. The investors acknowledge the role of this project and are tirelessly devoted to completing it. Real-estate market will experience exponential growth with the completion of this project.

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