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by Idrees Kothari

What is Gwadar Commercial Zone ?

Gwadar Commercial Plot For Sale is connected directly to the New Gwadar Airport offering very good
connectivity in the future. This project will offer all facilities that an airport development demands like space for offices, restaurants for entertainment, hotels for accommodation etc. The acres and acres of Industrial area development in future will attract a lot of footfall in the area and non-provision of separate commercial areas for individual industrial projects will put a lot of highlight on this project. All the commercial activities of the whole industrial zone will only be allowed in this GCZ .This project will aim to cater needs of a very large industrial zone in terms of offering office space, places to eat, places to live, markets/showrooms to make purchases from, banks, multi-national offices, super markets, retail stores, hospitals, institutes, clubs, lodging houses, community halls, fuel stations, IT parks, high rise towers, telecasting stations

gwadar commercial zone


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Adjacent to the new international Gwadar Airport, Gwadar Commercial Zones is based in Zone A. As per GDA directives, Zone A is to be populated first among the zones of Gwadar. Making GCZ the best investment opportunity for Real Estate Investors, Hoteliers, Builders, Industrialists, and High Rise Developers.

Major Reasons To Invest In Gwadar Commercial Zones

All Commercial Activities

Enter the fascinating world of GCZ which is connected directly to the New Gwadar Airport, offering smooth connectivity in the coming days.

Multi-Purpose Commercial Plots

Gwadar Commercial Zone is suitable for the development of Office Buildings, Airline support facilities, Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Cinemas, Malls, Markets, Showrooms, Display Centers, Serviced Apartments, etc.

Aim to Cater Industrial Zones

Gwadar Commercial Zone will aim to cater to the needs of a very large industrial zone in terms of offering Office space, places to eat, places to live, Markets, and Showrooms.

Gwadar Commercial Zone


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